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Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is for challenge 4 activity 6

This is a post i really enjoyed from a girl called Claire.

Last week our 6/7 classes went to Woodfild Lodge for 2 nights. We went bush walking to a ‘waterfall’ , it took us 2:30 hours to get there and back. I loved the tramps! So fun!
We won the orienteering by heaps. It was actually quite funny. We also went to a camp fire on the first night and cooked marshmollows and damper , but I never eat marshmallows ( yuck ). The next night we walked up a hill. When up got to the we played spot light, there were 6 of us that ran up the side of the hill and hid at the top… Good times.
The cabins were so good ! We had a T.V but it wasn’t plugged in so we couldn’t watch it … But we had our own bathroom, kitchen and a other room where two other girls went in. It was so funny at night because we would all ‘ try’ to go to sleep, but it never worked! It was SO hard to get up in the morning when it was still dark in the room and the sleeping bag was still warm, to hard to hard.
It was pretty fun, I want to know where we are going next year cause the cabins just seem to get better and better…
Claire. :)

I really enjoyed this post cause it sort of reminds me of my year 6 camp.

This is another post from a boy called JJ.

I went back to school on Tuesday, 17th of June (2 days ago). To be honest i wasn’t really looking forward to school but it hasn’t been too bad so far. Our new rotation at school was yesterday and we had wood works but we had a WHOLE lesson of theory it was so boring but i did learn how to make regular letters and numbers into 3-D shapes.

This is really funny cause that's how i felt when i had to
go back to school :)

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