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My name is Mahinaarangi Cooper i go to Otorohanga Primary schhol and i love it. I am 12 years old turning 13. This is my last year of school then im off to collage can't wait.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Unexpected suprise

Yesterday While the year 8 children were at there orientation the rest of our school got an unexpected

Yesterday While the year 8 children were at there orientation the rest of our school got an unexpected
visit for a person that was parchuting  the kids said that he tryed to land but they were too
exited and got in his way.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Cops Athletics

Tomorow is our cops athletics witch means that all the primary schools from around Otorohanga compete
to see witch school is the best at athletics. I wasen't here for our small schools because i was on holiday
in Australia but all the teachers know i am at athletics. I am so exited to go there's only 4 people in our class that are going we got an alrite relay team i think we got a chance at winning.

Thursday, November 11, 2010


Im off school for 10 days in the Gold coast , it's mean as me,Tiana and Shilara went to Movie world and Wet and Wild
We went shopping at Pacific Fair it has over 300 stores, Today we went to Harbor town it has
over 250 stores.

Tomorow is my birthday were going to Dream world and were doning some more shopping. :L

I miss all my school mates , other then that it's mean as.

Ohh and i forgot happy birthday for tomorow miss see yous all on Tuesday.

Sunday, October 31, 2010

My culture.

Tena koutou Tena Koutou Tena Kautou Katoa. Hello and welcome to all my culture is Maori the Maori's were one of the very first people in New Zealand also known Aotearoa. Maori's survived off
the land and animals in New Zealand they had no clothes so they used the fur of animals. The Maori language is still used right here in New Zealand. Maori's had nothing to do for fun so they sang waiatas (songs) the males took care of the female during diffeculte times. So now you know a little bit about my culture. Kakete (goodbye) 

What happend next

As the cat reaches out to shake the mouses paw  the
cat and mouse soon become bestfriends.

Thursday, October 28, 2010


This is for challenge 4 activity 6

This is a post i really enjoyed from a girl called Claire.

Last week our 6/7 classes went to Woodfild Lodge for 2 nights. We went bush walking to a ‘waterfall’ , it took us 2:30 hours to get there and back. I loved the tramps! So fun!
We won the orienteering by heaps. It was actually quite funny. We also went to a camp fire on the first night and cooked marshmollows and damper , but I never eat marshmallows ( yuck ). The next night we walked up a hill. When up got to the we played spot light, there were 6 of us that ran up the side of the hill and hid at the top… Good times.
The cabins were so good ! We had a T.V but it wasn’t plugged in so we couldn’t watch it … But we had our own bathroom, kitchen and a other room where two other girls went in. It was so funny at night because we would all ‘ try’ to go to sleep, but it never worked! It was SO hard to get up in the morning when it was still dark in the room and the sleeping bag was still warm, to hard to hard.
It was pretty fun, I want to know where we are going next year cause the cabins just seem to get better and better…
Claire. :)

I really enjoyed this post cause it sort of reminds me of my year 6 camp.

This is another post from a boy called JJ.

I went back to school on Tuesday, 17th of June (2 days ago). To be honest i wasn’t really looking forward to school but it hasn’t been too bad so far. Our new rotation at school was yesterday and we had wood works but we had a WHOLE lesson of theory it was so boring but i did learn how to make regular letters and numbers into 3-D shapes.

This is really funny cause that's how i felt when i had to
go back to school :)

Monday, October 25, 2010

Introducing my commenter.

This is for Challenge 4 activity7

My bloggers name is Nicole she has very interesting posts about herself.
She is a very bright girl she loves to dance and all.
Without her posts it would be boring because i really like her posts.

Improving other blogs.

This is for Challenge 5 activity 5

I think you could improve other blogs by having more posts and adding images to them.
It makes the blog stand out.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

If you visited my town.

If you visited my town you should visit the Kiwi house.
The kiwi house is full of all types of beautiful native birds known to New Zealand.
The Kiwi house is a great experience to all travelers near and far.

Friday, October 22, 2010

What is importent to Otorohanga?

 This is for week 3 activity 8

Otorohanga is a very importent town because it is the
Kiwiana town of New Zealand. The colorful bird on the right
is called a Kiwi, it is a flightless bird origenally found in New Zealand.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Wedding time.

Yeah this week me and my family are going to a wedding.
All our friends are going to it. It's going to mean as.
Hopefully it will a really good day, me and my sister even got a cool dress
this week will be the bomb.


Thursday, October 14, 2010


This week Room 8 is working on ther School speeches. Most of us have finished our inroduction now we are up to our setting. Everyone in the class has chosen a very good topic to talk about well done Room 8.

Kapai e kare.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


In three more weeks Otorohanga Primary is holding our small schools Athletics. Room 8 has been practising our running technique for about two weeks and we are getting better at it. We were suppose to have athletics practise today but because of the bad weather we didn't. I can't wait till small schools my best thing about athletics is discus.

The place i want to visit.

Get a Voki now!

Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Challenge 1

This post for challenge 1 in September 2010 challenge. If you visit my blog  i will proberbly tell you
about all the fun and interesting things that go on in our class. My post will be about everything that
happens in the holidays and much more. You could learn alot of things from my blog like all the
fun things that happen in my life.

Monday, September 20, 2010

My weekend!

 On Friday is the last day of term 3 i am so excited.On saturday i am going to Tauranga to see my uncle and his cute baby. Me my brother and sister are all going shopping aswell. I can't wait to see all my
friends aswell, most of them go to different schools so it's hard to keep in contact with them. I hope this holiday  will be cool.